Halabja University Lecturer Presents a Series of Seminars and Workshops on His Electronic System

Mr. Omar Fuad Ghafor, a lecturer at University of Halabja, Department of English Language, presents a series of seminars and workshops on an educational electronic system he created for English Department in 2014.

His electronic system called “UHDEL Moodle Site” is an online source to develop and facilitate the process of education between students and teachers.

Mr. Ghafor gave a presentation about “UHDEL Moodle site” at the IKRUPP End of Program Conference on Sunday, September 20th, in Erbil.

He conducted a research entitled “The Attitudes of EFL Learners Towards Using UHDEL Moodle Site” which is an evaluation of Moodle Site and presented it at “International Conference of Social Sciences and Humanities”, American University of Rome, Rome, Italy on October 19th and 20th.

He also presented a seminar about his research at Faculty of Education and Humanities, University of Halabja on Wednesday 16th December, 2015 followed by a webinar about "Moodle Site" sponsored by IREX on Thursday, December 17, 2015.

Due to the success of his electronic system and its dramatic impact on higher education, he has been invited to present a workshop sponsored by IREX at Polytechnic University of Sulaimani sometime during this week.

Written by Rasti Ayub Hamaseed


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