The President of the University of Halabja Paid a visit to the Department of Kurdish Language

On Wednesday 18th of Oct 2017, the University of Halabja Acting President Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Amin paid a visit to the Department of Kurdish Language located in district of Shahrazoor. During his visit, he was accompanied by Dr. Husein Mohmmed Salih, Dean of College of Basic Education, Dr. Twana Wahbi, Dean of College of Physical Education and number of directors. They were warmly welcomed by Dr. Faruq Naqshbandi, vice- dean of College of Basic Education, Mr. Arian Sdiq, Head of Kurdish Language Department and number of lecturers and students. At the beginning, a meeting was arranged in which the President briefly discussed the initiation process of his profession and also stated" Iam here and willing to work side by side with each other in the development of our University". In the meeting, the President listened closely to the inquires and needs of the students and lecturers after which he appointed number of related people in the Prisedency of the University concerning the obstacles and shortcomings the students face for this academic year. Finally, the President ended his visit with an inspection tour to the department building.

Translated by:  Sazan S. Saber

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