CDC of the University of Halabja to hold a Workshop

The directorate of Career Development Center at the University of Halabja (CDC) held a workshop under the slogan (an Enlightened Student is the Basic of Developed Community ) under the supervision of Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Amin and with the cooperation of U.S. Consulate of Genral in Erbil at the aim of familiarizing the students with the IYLEP Programme, on 31th of October 2017.
The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) enables Iraqi and U.S. high school students, undergraduate students, and adult mentors to develop leadership skills and build action plans to strengthen the future of Iraq and the U.S.
The workshop was specially arranged to introduce and familiarize the College of Science
student's at the University of Halabja to the program in detail and analyzing the program by offering three seminars.

The opening seminar was presented by the CDC employee Mr. Mohammed Qadr in which he introduced the CDC as one of the active and important directorates at the University of Halabja and he also shed some light on the work and activities were carried out by CDC in the past and those works and plans the CDC is willing to apply in the future which serve the students at any levels.
The second seminar was presented by Mr. Rebin Abdulrahman whom was one of the beneficiaries of an exchanged program. He tried to explain the details of the programs that are available and students can get benefit from them. Mr.Rebin futher clarified the mechanisms of participation for the attendees.

The Final seminar was performed by Mr. Lano Hassan as IYLEP Program graduate and the representative of World Learning Organization. Mr. Lano described the program in detail and he tried to acquaint the students with the advantages of the program. He also offered the students with the methods of applications. Finally, the workshop was ended with the questions, attentions and notes of the attendees about the program.

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