The University of Halabja To Implement E-Systems

Implementing Electronic Systems in the world is increasing day after day.
The University of Halabja implements the idea of e-systems after a continous efforts of scientific and adminstrative units.The aim of e-systems within the UoH is to help provide better services by eliminating everyday work routine problems and saving time since services use almost no time compared to paperwork services. Additionally, an e-system helps reduce costs and resources in times of current KRG's fanancial issues.
Vice-president's office for Scientific Affairs is to implement e-system in its duties and even with other related offices and directorates.
Dr.Haval Khurshid Rafiq,Vice-President for Scientific affairs, stated that the e-system not only provides excellent facilities for managing works but also it will serve the Univetsity in the effective way which will have a great advantage on the UoH Ranking.
"The commencement of applying e-system project is from the office of vice-president and then it will apply to other units"Dr.Haval added.
Mr. Saed Gharib, an employee at the vice-president's office for Scientific Affairs, is an executive of e-system at the UoH University through the file Transfer Protocol (FTP) which is the standered network protocol used for the transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network.
'"The PTF is a fast and professional system through which all administrative units can easily exchange their files and documents", Mr. Saed stated.

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