The UoH Lecturer to Publish a Joint Research in an International journal

Ms. Nura Shahab, the University of Halabja lecturer, together with Prof. Naji Matter Sahab and Mr. Ali Hussein Fazil, lecturers at University of Diyala, published a joint research entitled " Improved RC4 Algorithm Based on Multi- Chaotic Map" in Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Technology which is an international journal.

The aim of this research is to overcome on the weakness points in RC4 (Rivest Cipher 4) algorithm, there are some blemishes in the Key Scheduling Algorithm (KSA) of RC4. This study presented improved RC4 key generation based on multi-chaotic maps. The new version of KSA coined as improved KSA (IKSA), the permutation of the S array modified to depend on the random numbers generator based on three chaotic maps and the proposed algorithm outputs as follows: Output = M XOR Generated key XOR Random value from IKSA (R3w). The improved RC4 with IKSA is tested for its secrecy, randomness and performance over the variable key length and different plaintext size with respect to those of the original RC4.The results show that the improved RS4 with IKSA is better than the original RC4 with KSA.

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translated by: Sazan S. Saber


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