The UoH Holds a Symposium on Anfal

Under the supervision of Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Al Zangana, the President of the UoH, and with the presence of a number of Kurdistan martyrs relatives and numerous lecturers and students of the UoH, English Department held a symposium under the title " A Religious, legal and social reading of Anfal" on the 17th of March 2018.
The commencement of the symposium was to stand silently for a minute as a remembrance of Kurdistan Martyrs.
Anfal campaign was conducted by Ba’ath regime leader and former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein against Kurds in northern Iraq which began in 1986 and lasted until 1989 during which around 182,000 innocent people were buried alive and most of them were civilians. The main aim of Anfal was to exterminate Kurds in the northern Iraq and destroy their villages.
Dr. Tahseen welcomed all the attendances and gave a speech about Anfal in which he stated that Anfal Genocide was conducted through an army campaign by Iraqi Ba'ath regime and in comparison to Halabja Chemical Attack which was well documented media didn't play an active role in presenting Anfal to the international Community.
“The UoH gives every attempt to recognize Anfal as an act of genocide officially”, he further added.
Dr. Al Zangana expressed his sadness that conducting such deadly act towards Kurds still continues as it happened in Afrin and Kobane in the western Kurdistan.
Mr. Jamal Amin, head of Law Department, offered a seminar in which he discussed the history and stages of Anfal.
Mr. Arian Ali, Director of International Relations and manager of the symposium, read the agenda of the symposium. The symposium included three panels.
In the first panel, Dr. Hashim Omar, Law Department lecturer, offered a seminar in which he clarified the justifications that Ba'ath regime used to anfalize Kurds from religious perspective.
In the second panel, Mr. Awara Hussein, Law Department lecturer and genocide expert, offered a seminar about Anfal from legal perspective in which he stated that Arman, Rwandan and Holocaust except Anfal were recognized officially as an act of genocide. Unfortunately Anfal was only described as genocide by a number of countries.
“Iraqi government ought to be obliged to apologize and compensate for Kurdish people”, he added.
In the last panel, Mr. Shadi Ghazi, as an Anfal martyr relative and who survived the Anfal campaign, gave a speech about the psychological situation of Anfal martyr relatives and who were rescued from Anfal. He also told the attendances a number of tragic stories of Anfal.

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