The UoH Holds an International Symposium on the Anniversary of Kurdish Journalism

With the presence of the UoH president Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Al Zangana, teachers and students College of Humanities hosted an international symposium entitled "An Overview of the Position and Responsiblity of Kurdish Media" to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Kurdish Journalism on the 22nd of April 2018 at Mustafa Zalmy Hall.
The attendances stood silently for a minute as a rememberance of Kurdistan Martyrs.
Dr. Nariman Abdulla, dean of College of Humanities and head of the High Committee of the symposium, gave a speech in which he warmaly welcomed all the attendances and expressed his gratitude towards the UoH presidency for their continous cooperation in holding scientific symposiums. Dr. Abdulla showed the UoH appreciation towards the panels participants of the symposium as they came from local and outside of Kurdistan.
"The main aim of the symposium was to show the scientific and aspects of Media besides making comparison between media in Kurdistan and other countries in the world" he further added.
Dr. Tahseen gave a brief speech of welcome in which he described the 120th of Kurdish Journalism as a great day in the history of Kurds. He heartily congratulated all Kurds for such a great event. He also stated, " publishing the first Kurdish Newspaper was a proof to show everyone in any place that if Kurds are not allowed to carry out their scientific, educational and literary works or activites, they will conduct them in anywhere in the world to achieve their goals".
The symposium consisted of two panels.
The first panel was run by Dr. Hashim Omar, the UoH lecturer, which included three seminars.
The first seminar was presented by Dr. Janrozh Yalmaz, the University of Middlesex lecturer, under the title " Kurdish Media in the Northern of Kurdistan".
The second seminar was offered by Dr. Hataw Hamasalih, the UoH lecturer, entitled " Ethic and Responsiblity of Kurdish Media".
The third seminar under the title " the Current Situation of Kurdish Media" which was offered by Mr. Ahmed Mira, the UoH lecturer.
The second panel was run by Mr. Aram Omar Ali, the UoH lecturers, which included three seminars.
Offering a seminar by Mr. Yan Sio, the University lecturer and South Korea Journalist, entitled "The Participation of Media in Bringing Democracy and Peace, South Korea as an Example" was in the agenda of the symposium second panel but unfortunately due to an accident Mr. Yan couldn't attend the symposium.
The second seminar was offered by Dr. Ahmed Gharib, head of Diplomatic Relations at the University of Human Development, entitled " the Failure of Kurdish Media in Democracy Process".
Dr. Shwan Adam, head of Humanities at Sulaimani Polytechnic University Research Center, offered the third seminar under the title "The Necessity of Monitoring Kurdish Media".
The first Kurdish Newspaper was issued by Kurdish prince son of Mikdad Madhat Bedir Khan in Cairo on April 22, 1898. The first issue came out in Cairo, the other numbers in these countries: No1-5: Cairo No 6-19: Geneva No 20-23: Cairo No 24: London No 25-29: Southern England No 30-31: Geneva



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