University Law Lecturer Publishes New Legal Book

Mr. Awara Hussein Ahmed publishes his new legal and scientific book entitled "Kurdish Genocide from the International Criminal Law Perspective"- a comprehensive analysis on the Internationalization of genocide of Kurds.

Mr. Ahmed who is a law lecturer of genocide of Kurds and world nations at University of Halabja Law Department states that he has spent seven years in the writing of his book.

In his book, which he calls "my second birth", he deeply legally and scientifically studies the genocide of Kurds. He provides ample clarification, explanation and proof to the international community and international criminal law that the crime of mass murdering of Kurds carried out by other regimes in the Middle East is unquestionably an act of genocide.

The study is divided into six chapters as follows:
First chapter is a thorough introduction of general theory of genocide.
Second chapter is the genocide of Kurds in the four divided parts of Kurdistan.
Third chapter is interviews with the survivers of genocide.
Fourth chapter is about Iraqi Criminal High Court in relation with the genocide of Kurds.
Fifth chapter is about International Criminal Court in relation with the genocide of Kurds.
Sixth chapter is about the use of Kurds' genocide to help establish an independent state of Kurdistan.

The book is now one of the subjects of study for second and third year students of law department and Mr. Ahmed who initially helped establish the book as curriculum himself lectures it.

Writing by Rasti Ayub Hamasaeed

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