University of Halabja Holds Workshop on E-System, E-book and G-Suite for Education

University of Halabja College of Science presented a workshop on electronic management system, e-book and G-suite for Education on Thursday, 23th of May, 2017.

The first section of the workshop was presented by Mr. Peshang H. Karim in which he presented the need and cost of computerization of Halabja University administrative management of affairs.

He briefly discussed the advantages of using e-management system such as the less usage of papers for a more greener environment, the financial advantage of spending less income on printers, copiers, papers, etc. the comfortability of using e-system as tasks are done with the help of a few clicks, and high speed of implementation of tasks and affairs.

He also mentioned the needs of putting the system to work such as IT specialists to help overcome security and technical issues, training of administrative staff to manage daily tasks, software such as operating systems, special programs such as word editing programs and antiviruses and finally hardware such as servers, routers, switches and hubs.

The second section was presented by Ms. Shahen M. Faraj. She firstly mentioned short history of books and their usual form of publication in papers. Then she introduced the electronic revolution of Project Gutenberg launched by Michael S. Hart which is recognized as one of the earliest and longest-lasting online literary projects.

In her presentation, she showed some surveys carried out on questions such as how much students are familiar with e-books, how many students have used them, what are the common formats of e-books, how they indentify e-books, etc.

The last section of the presentation was presented by Mr. Farhad M. Mahmood on G-Suite for Education. He first gave a short introduction on G-Suite for Education, previously known as Google Apps for Educations as “set of intelligent apps designed to bring people together, with real-time collaboration capability built in from the start”.

At first he, he introduced the attendees with Google Drive which is a cloud storage operated by Google and has benefits of security and the ease of storing, synchronizing and sharing of documents and files.

Mr. Mahmood put his main focus on Google Classroom which he identified as “a free web service for schools, non-profits, and anyone with a personal Google Account.” Google Classroom has more than 50 million users connecting students and teachers inside and outside of school.

He briefly presented the advantages of Classroom as easy setup, time saving, paperless use, better organization, affordability, better security and enhanced communication and feedback.

Written by Rasty A. Hamasaeed

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