The UoH Marks the Establishment of its First College

On the 6th of November 2017, Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Amin, the acting president of the University of Halabja together with Dr. Sarkew Salah, dean of College of Science, Dr. Twana Wahbi, dean of College of Physical Education and a number of directors and lecturers paid a visit to College of Basic Education and they were warmly welcomed by Dr.Hussein Mohammed, dean of College of Basic Education, Dr. Nariman Abdulla, dean of College of Humanities, and a number of lectures, directors and employees.
The aim of the visit was to celebrate the 9th anniverssary of establishing the first college of the University of Halabja which is College of Basic Education.
At the beginning, a meeting was held in which Dr. Tahseen heartily congratulated the staff of College of Basic Education and he highly appreciated them for their tireless efforts to enhance the education system at UoH.
The President visited the departments and adiministrative uints of the college to closely listen to the demands and needs of the lecturers and employees and he promised to solve the problems and provide the necessities.
The college of Basic Education was established on the 6th of February 2008 which was part of and affiliated by the University of Sulaimani. Then, It became the basis for opening the University of Halabja in 2011. It is worth to mention that the current president of the University had a great role in establishing the first college of the UoH.
Currently, the UoH is consisted of four colleges and eleven departmrnts and new scientific colleges will be opened in the future.

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