The UoH Delegation Participated in Tigris Project Kick-off Meeting in Germany

Upon the recommendation of Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Amin, the President of the University of Halabja, a delegation from the UoH consisting of Dr. Aras Mustafa Ahmed, the vice-President of the UoH for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Mr. Arian Ali Hamid, the director of International Academic Relations were invited to participate in Erasmus-Tigris Project Kick-off meeting in Germany on the 7th of November 2017.
Erasmus-Tigris is an European Union funded project to internationalize a number of universities including Kurdistan universities in which the UoH is one of the participants.
Participating in a such project is a huge step towards globalizing the UoH and implementing scientific relations between the participant universities.
In the meeting, the UoH met with Ms. Ulrike Beisiegel, the President of the University of Göttingen, including delegation from International Relations Office at the mentioned university, which will lead to foster the education system of the UoH.
The UoH offered the participant Universities a seminar on the brief background of the UoH. They shed some light on the strong points of the UoH along with mentioning the national and international MOU that the UoH built until present. At the end of the meeting, the UoH delegation expressed their sincere sense of gratitude towards the University of Göttingen staff and offered them the UoH logo.

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