The University of Halabja Lecturer to Participate in an International Scientific Conference

Prof.Dr. Haval Khurshid Rafiq, a lecturer and vice- President for Scientific Affairs at the University of Halabja (UoH), was formally invited to participate in the fourth International Scientific Conference entitled ( By Sport we Unite and with Science we build the future) which was held by the University of Babylon on the 29th to 30th of November 2017.
In a statement, Dr. Haval, who participated as a representative of the UoH and as a member of Scientific Evaluation Committee in the Confera

Dr. Khurshid wished every success for the University of Babylon as well as willing to cooperate and get benefit from each University's experience. Dr. Khurshid was also chosen as a member of Arabic Scientific Committee for Sport Sciences which is a Scientific Committee for Sport Sciences on the level of Arabic Countries. During the Conference, Dr. Khurshid was awarded a medal honor of (Creativity of Thinking) by the high Committee of the Conference.

He presented the (Babylon, Anbar, Qaisyah and Mousl) Universities his two printed books. At the end of the Conference, the High Committee of the Conference showed their deep appreciation for Dr. Haval's active and effective particiation in the Conference.

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