The UoH Receives a Visit From the Delegation of Ishik University

A delegation from the Ishik University consisting of Dr. Karzan Muhammed, a head of Scientific Research, Dr. Orhan Tug, a head of Mathematics Department and Dr. Mutlag Dogan, a lecturer, paid a visit to the UoH on the 13th of December 2017.
The Delegation of Ishik University was warmly welcomed by Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Amin, the acting President of the UoH, Mr.Arian Ali Hamid, Director of International Academic Relations, Mr.Omar Ghafor, a Supervisor of Quality Assurance at the UoH.
The key aim of the visit was to invite the UoH lectures and researchers to participate in Ishik University conferences which will be held in a number of different fields in the near future.
Dr. Tahseen expressed his gratitude towards the delegation as well as valued their spending time to visit the UoH. He also emphasized the need of participation the UoH in scientific conferences. He also highlighted that through the directorates and colleges they inform the lecturers to take part in the Ishik University conferences

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