Higher Standing of the UoH Discussed for the Upcoming NUR

Dr. Haval Khurshid Rafiq, vice-president for Scientific Affairs at the University of Halabja, met with Mr. Omar Fuad Ghafor, a lecturer and director of Quality Assurance, to discuss the main points which lead to promoting and progressing the UoH position in National Universities Ranking (NUR). Additionally, a number of programs were set out to gain numerous scientific achievements.
On the 18th of December 2017, Dr. Haval held another meeting to inform the UoH Department Heads about the outcomes of the previous meeting. During the meeting, the attendants of the meeting discussed the main points to reach higher position by the UoH in detail. A number of new ideas were suggested by the attendants of the meeting. One of the suggestions which is put forward by Dr. Haval to the council session in the near future which is to award the department that makes a serious attempt to rise the rank of the UoH.

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