The Department of Social Sciences at the UoH to Hold a Workshop

In the presence of Dr. Hussein Muhammed Salih, dean of College of Basic Education, and a number of heads of the Departments and lecturers the Social Sciences Department held a workshop entitled (Developing the Scientific and Administrative levels of the UoH) on the 9th of January 2018 in the seminar halls at the College of Basic Education. The workshop aimed at adopting more scientific approach in the future by offering three seminars: The first seminar was presented by Mr.Hoshmand Atta Mahmood entitled (Developing the Scientific and Administrative Levels of the UoH, the Department of Social Sciences as an example) The second seminar was given by Mr.Marwan Mazhar Jaff which was entitled (The Importance of Psychology as a Subject in the Future of the Social Sciences Students). The third seminar was given by Mr. Osama Ashraf entitled ( The Methods of Writing Research Paper in the Field of Geography and its Issues). Based on their scientific background and scientific sources, the lecturers conducted the seminars in which they also discussed the current scientific situation and explained the psychology of the mentioned department students in detail. Then some important issues were raised by the lecturers and they proposed the effective mechanisms to overcome the problems.

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