The University of Halabja First International Symposium on Peaceful Co-existence of Various Religions

The College of Humanities of the University of Halabja (UoH) in cooperation with Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), which is a non-profit organization working for peace in association with the United Nations Department of Public Information, and a number of South Korea Universities hosted the first international symposium entitled " Halabja Youth Campaign for Peaceful Co-existence of Different Religions" on the 7th of February 2018 at Dr. Mustafa Zalmi Hall in Halabja Governarate.

Dr. Tahsin Abdulkarim Zangana, the President of the University of Halabja, the members of the UoH Council, Mr. Ali Osman, the Governor of Halabja Governorate, Mr.Kawa Karim, vice-governor of Halabja Governorate, numerous governmental and political figures of Halabja, a number of lecturers and students of the UoH, and numerous representatives of different religions such as Islam, Christain, Kakai or Yarsan attended in the symposium.

At the beginning, all attendants stood silently for a minute as a rememberance of Kurdistan Martyrs.

Dr. Nariman Abdulla, the dean of College of Humanities, made a brief speech of welcome. He showed the appreciation of the High Committee of the symposium towards Dr. Tahsin for his continous assistance to hold such an international symposium as well as HWPL organization.

He shed some light on the key aim of holding the symposium which was to have scientific and academic discussions for peaceful co-existence in academic instituions like university.

He also mentioned that regardless of various religions views and ideas, people accept each other's differences at the UoH.

He sent the South Korean Students a message in which he informed them that despite both nation's differences in language, religion and culture both sides are determined to ensure and maintain peaceful co-existence.

Dr. Nariman presented a seminar entitled "The History of Co-existence of Different Religions in Halabja City" in which he discussed the historical strong relationships of various religions such as Islam, Kakai and Judism had a long history together in Halabja Governorate.

A panel was organized by Mr.Aram Ali, a lecutere in the Department of Origins of Religion.

Dr. Abduldaim Maroof, as a representative of Islam Religion joined the panel and gave a speech about the co-existence of different religions in which he defined Islam Religion for the guests. He also clarified that peaceful co-existence of different religions is a strong principle of Islam.

Then, Mr. Akbar Karim joined the panel by offering a seminar entitled " Kakai Religion Point of View for Co-existence Concept" in which he discussed the principles of Muslims and Kakai people in Halabja City.

Then, Fr Jens Petzold, the head of the Deir Maryam Al-Adhra Monastery in Sulaimani, as a Christian he defined Christianity for the guests and presented a seminar entitled " Christianity view on Peaceful Co-existence" in which he stated that to maintain peaceful co-existence, Christianity prioritizes others before onself.

The UoH and South Korean students discussed co-existence over skype.

Mr. Ahmed Basim, an Iraqi activist and a member of HWPL organization gave a speech about co-existence.

The attendants received appreciation awards. Besides, Dr. Abdualdaim, Mr. Akbar and Fr Jens Petzold exchanged special awards which include books and scripts

Translated by: Sazan S. Saber


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