The UoH Holds a Symposium on Murder and Suicide

The symposium of "Murder and Suicide Cases in Kurdistan" was arranged by the College of Basic Education of the UoH and sponsored by Ava Kurd Advertasing Agency, for the students, lecturers of the UoH and people of Halabja province at Dr. Mustafa Zalmi hall in Halabja on the 15th of February 2018. At first, some verses of Holy Quran were recited. Then, all the attendants stood silently for a minute as a rememberance of Kurdistan martyrs. Ms. Sumaya Khalid, a lecturer at the UoH and the manager of the panel at the symposium, made a brief speech of welcome. She discussed that everyone realizes that crime rates are higher than the last few years. Therefore, the UoH believes that holding such kind of symposium is necessary to foster awareness among civilians especially the UoH students. She also stated that the UoH makes every effort to reduce and prevent commiting crime by providing scientific methods and raising public awareness of the danger of the crimes. The panel included three seminars:

The first seminar was offered by Dr. Hussein Muhamed, the dean of college of Basic Education, entitled " Crime from Religious Point of View" in which he discussed the history of murder. Every religion and society strongly condemns brutality. He further clarified crime sentences from religious view for the attendants.

The second seminar was presented by Mr. Yassin Omar, a lecturer at the UoH, under the title " Murder and Suicide From Sociology Science View" in which he shed some light on the crime statistics in Kurdistan and the world in the last few years. He added that murder and suicide gets the third position among other crimes and provided numerous theories which defined them from sociology science view.

The last seminar was offered by a psychiatrist Dr. Danial Saed Hamid entitled "The Rising of Crime and Phsychological Analysis". Dr. Danial initially explained what a brutal murder is to the guests. He also discussed moral, social, enviromental and biological motives behind carrying out crime. Besides, he further clarified the great methods to prevent and stop committing crime.

translated by : Sazan S. Saber


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