The UoH Holds a Symposium in the International Mother Tongue Day

Under the supervision of Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Al-Zangana, the President of the UoH, College of Basic Education hosted a symposium in the International Mother Language Day under the title “Mother Language is the Key Base to Maintain Kurds Alive” on the 21st of February 2018. A number of Iraqi parliamentarians, numerous the University of Halabja and the University of Sulaimani Lecturers, and members of the UoH Council attended the symposium.

The commencement of the symposium was to stand silently for a minute in the remembrance of Kurdistan Martyrs. Dr. Faruq Naqshbandi, the head of the high committee of the symposium, showed his great gratitude towards the president of the UoH for his highly encouragement and support for conducting such an academic and scientific symposium.
Dr. Naqshbandi ensures the attendants that through the continuous efforts of the UoH scientific and academic staff, the UoH will improve his position in the National Universities Ranking of KRG.
Dr. Tahseen warmly welcomed the guests and gave a speech about mother language as he described language as a multidimensional concept which is the basic for keeping every nation alive. The symposium consisted of two panels and each panel included a number of seminars. The first panel was managed by Mr. Ahmed Mira, the UoH lecturer, which included 4 seminars:
The first seminar was offered by Dr. Muhammed Amin Hawramani entitled “ Hawrami Accent and The Position of Yarsan in our Native Language” in which he explained in detail the sources of Hawrami Accent.
The second seminar was offered by Prof. Dr. Muhammed Mahwi, the University of Sulaimani Lecturer, entitled “Obstacles in the Way of Kurdish Standard Language” in which he clarified the reasons put obstacles in the way of standardization process of any language. He also raised the necessary points to standardize Kurdish Language. The third seminar was presented by Assist. Prof. Abduljabar Mustafa, the University of Sulaimani lecturer, entitled “The Position of Kurdish among Global Languages” in which he emphasized on the importance of making every attempt to announce Kurdish as an international language.
Dr. Mustafa also mentioned that the universities students need to acquaint with international measurements to achieve a genuinely international status for our native language in the future.
The forth seminar was presented by Assist. Prof. Shilan Omar, the University of Sulaimani lecturer, entitled “ The Role of Kurdish to Academize Kurdish” in which she discussed about the educational institutions like kindergartens where children are taught languages till they enter university. Academic institutions play a great role to introduce every one to languages. She further clarified the main methods to maintain Kurdish. Another seminar was offered by Dr. Bahroz Chaman Ara, the University of Kurdistan/ Sanandaj lecturer in Iran Republic, entitled “Fighting with the Power of Pen” in which he discussed the beginning stages of development in human beings. He also mentioned the major role of a language in the revolution of human beings age. The 1st seminar of the second panel was presented by Dr. Omed Barzan, the University of Garmian lecturer, under the title “The Role of Mother Language in Preserving the Safety of a Language” in which he stated that mother language plays a vital role in enhancing national culture. He also described language as a factor to minimize the risks across any nation and protect the unity of the country.
The 2nd seminar was offered by Dr. Bestun Hassan, the University of Garmian lecturer, under the title “The Issues of Studying Kurdology in the Universities” in which he pointed out the significant role of a lecturer in conveying the message of Kurdology subject to the students at universities. The 3rd Seminar was presented by a lecturer Ms. Sazan Zahir under the tittle (Information about the Morphology of Mother Tongue) in which she discussed the significance of language by a child as a child owns a special language system that she/ he intends to create form of the words by himself/herself. She also stated that a child brain functions like a wordbook which is full of sensors. The sensors cause difficulties to take it as a measurement for International Languages
The 4th Seminar was presented by a lecturer Ms. Bahra Salam under the tittle (The Role of Kurdish Language in the Development of Science and Technology) in which she addressed that the more science progresses the more terms come into a language dictionary.
At the end, Dr. Tahseen gave awards to all the lecturers who prepared and offered the seminars to honor their every effort.


























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