College of Physical Education Hosts Symposium

With the presence of Dr. Tahseen Abdulkarim Al-Zangana, the president of the UoH, a number of the UoH Council members, and numerous lecturers and students College of Physical Education hosted a symposium on football.
Dr. Twana Wahbi, dean of the College of Physical Education, heartily welcomed all the attendances and gave a speech about the symposium in which he stated that the college would prefer to depend on morality, loyality, justice, generosity, co-existence and honor rather than sport alone.
Dr. Tahseen showed his gratitude towards the College for conducting the symposium.
Mr. Barham Jalal, the symposium manager, made a short statement in which he clarified the main aim of the symposium. The panel consisted of three seminars:
The first seminar was offered by Mr. Latif Amin under the title " Football between New and Old Generation" in which discussed the history of Sport and football and establishing the first stadium in Halabja city. He also made a comparison between past and present situation of sport in facing obstacles in Halabja.
The second seminar was offered by Mr. Ako Ibrahim entitled " Football Progression Methods and the Way to implement it in Kurdistan , Taking Developed Countries as an Example" in which he provided the mechanisms which cause progression of the situation of sport in Kurdistan. He also drew a comparison between the developed countries and Kurdistan.
The third seminar was presented by Mr. Bestun Tawagozi entitled " The Role of Media in Football Progression" in which he described the points which play a great role of media in the development of sport. At the end, the lecturers who offered the seminars received appreciation awards by the Dr. Twana.

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