The UoH Organized a Workshop on Etiquette and Body Language

The University of Halabja hosted a workshop on Etiquette and Body Language. At first, Dr. Tahseen abdulkarim Al-Zangana, the UoH president, gave the two lecturers who prepared the subjects of the workshop and the attendants a warm welcome. He described the workshop as a vital opportunity for the UoH staff because working in an academic place requires excellent manner and appropriate behavior.

The workshop consisted of two seminars. The first seminar was offered by Mr. Abas Jumaa entitled, “Role and Importance of Etiquette and Body Language at Administrative Works” in which he defined proper etiquette clearly. He also discussed the accepted behavior and politesse with others. Besides, he clarified the importance to follow a proper dress code at the workplace. “Persons who work in such an academic center as university must treat others with dignity and respect. They need to follow appropriate ways to communicate with others” he stated.

The second seminar was presented by Ms. Lania under the title, “Body Language at Administrative Units” in which she clarified body language which is a part of communication without saying a word. “Body language is to express our feelings about anything or any situation we are discussing” she added. She discussed the types of Body Language (non-verbal communication). Then, she made a comparison between verbal and non-verbal communications. Furthermore, Ms. Lania showed the attendants a number of pictures to clarify the similarities and differences between the two types.

For more explanation and understanding the topics in depth, a number of short videos and photos concerning etiquette and sign language were displayed. The participants discussed the subjects in an open question session and they exchanged information.

At the end, the UoH president highly appreciated Mr. Abas and Ms. Lania and offered them the university Certification of Honor.

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