Recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu

Recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu


halabjauni – Ingredients:
– 1 Chicken breast
– Smoked meat fruit
– Mozarella slice, can be replaced with quick melt kraft
– 1 egg
– To taste salt
– To taste pepper
– To taste all-purpose seasoning flour
– To taste potato flake, can be replaced with flour

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How to cook:
– Cut the chicken breast in half, then thinly slice the chicken breast in half but don’t break it
– Flatten it with a meat beater, if you don’t have it, you can use a pestle, gently beat it so that the meat doesn’t crumble
– Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste evenly
– Put the bacon on top of the chicken breast, then cheese then roll it. Pin the toothpick so that the roll does not open
– Mix evenly with all-purpose seasoning flour
– Dip it in the beaten egg evenly, then coat it with potato flake or flour evenly
– Store the chicken in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour
– Fry the chicken using deep fried technique or with lots of oil, make sure the oil is hot and using low heat, fry until golden brown
– Chicken cordon bleu ready to be served with french fries, vegetables and brown sauce

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